Amphibian Demise in the Hands of Humans

Amphibians are bell-weathers for environmental health and so many currently are at risk, mostly due to human activities. Habitat loss and invasive species introductions are taking a tremendous toll. Add to that the mysterious Chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis), which is decimating frogs by the millions worldwide. The spread of this deadly fungus also has been linked to humans through global trade and historic commonly used human pregnancy testing.

A recent film on the plight of the Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa) in British Columbia spotlights the precarious state of amphibian populations. It reminds us strongly that our behavior has ramifications far beyond the immediate and deeply thought out planning that includes potential consequences should be part of our daily agenda.

Video directed by Mike McKinlay and Isabelle Groc
Research, Story, and Interview: Isabelle Groc
Cinematography and Edit: Mike McKinlay
Original Music and Sound Mix: Mark Lazeski
Online Edit and Colour Correction: George Faulkner
Camera Assistant: Steve Breckon

This video was produced with the support of the Wilderness Committee and the Vancouver Foundation

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