An environmental education effort dedicated to sharing the lessons of Nature to benefit the Planet and all her inhabitants.

We provide guidance and instruction on many levels relating to the natural world. From Ecology to Homesteading Skills, our work helps bring people back in touch with the “real” world of our origins while creating empathy and compassion for all species who share Earth with us and respect for the natural systems that make life possible.

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    • Happy to add your group. I visited New Mexico many years ago, having an unknown urge to go there. Once I arrived, I soon discovered why the pull was so strong – it is indeed a beautiful and magical place. And the precarious state of the Mexican Gray Wolf demands trapping be banned in its range so keep up the good work, my friend!

  1. Hello. I enjoyed the informative article and would like to consider portions of it for the DuPage Sierran newsletter. Would you allow me to reproduce portions or all of the article if I credit your group? Please advise how you would want the credit to appear in our newsletter. Thank you for your consideration and information.

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