An Oakmoss Summer

Our program line-up for the Summer of 2015 includes two field outings and a hands-on workshop in East Aurora, NY as we continue our mission to share the lessons of Nature to benefit the planet and all its inhabitants. Details and registration information available on our website. Please join us!

Twilight Trek
Saturday, July 11 – 7:00 to 9:00pm at West Falls Park. Enjoy an interpretive stroll through the woods and along the creek at dusk, one of the most active times of day as diurnal creatures wind down and nocturnal critters begin to rouse.

Field Flutterers
Saturday, July 25 – 9:00am to 11:30am at Knox Farm State Park. We’ll be seeking out the flighted creatures of the open field, be they insect or avian. From butterflies to birds, there are many species that fill the morning with activity.

Introduction to Herbal Concoctions
Saturday, August 1 – 1:00pm to 3:30pm at the Roycroft Campus Power House. A hands-on workshop in which students will become acquainted with incorporating common herbs into simple preparations for body care and overall general health.

Gift-Giving in the Roycroft Tradition

We are pleased to present this hands-on demonstration
at the historic Roycroft Campus in East Aurora.
(rescheduled from original date)


Herbal Crafts for Gift-GIving at the Roycroft Campus, Sunday, December 7th.


Stretching the Lavender

For my recent Medicinal Herbs and Concoctions workshop at the Roycroft Campus, I prepared a pair of therapeutic infused honeys for the students to take home. One was Lavender Honey and after straining out the flowers, I just could not bear the thought of tossing those wonderful honey infused blossoms into the compost. What to do, what to do…Lavender Lemonade

Ah, but of course, Lavender Lemonade! Delicious and healing stuff, indeed. And what timing as I developed one of those tell-tale scratchy throats indicative of a Summer cold while preparing the nectar. Bottoms up!

 “Spent” Lavender Lemonade guidelines:

  • Take the “spent” lavender strained from the infused honey and add it in a saucepan with an appropriate amount of water (generally about 1 ½ Tbsp. per 5 cups of water)
  • Gently heat the water and lavender for about 20 to 30 minutes (do NOT boil)
  • Remove from heat and cool; strain out the lavender and compost
  • Blend suitable amount of lemon juice (ratio is about 5 to 1, water to lemon juice)
  • Test for sweetness (remember, the lavender was soaking in honey for weeks) and add just enough additional honey or other sweetener to your liking.
  • Chill thoroughly and enjoy