Celebrate Arbor Day in the Northeast!

American Sycamore, a hardy and strong native that survived Buffalo's infamous October storm with little damage.

American Sycamore, a hardy and strong native that survived Buffalo’s infamous October storm with little damage.

Arbor Day is April 26th and what better way to celebrate than by planting a tree or shrub. Below are suggestions for native trees to plant in the Northeast United States.

Remember to ALWAYS purchase trees based on the Latin name to ensure they are native species.  Also, determine needed conditions for growth before your purchase.  Not only will you and your property benefit, you will also be doing a great service for wildlife. Happy Arbor Day!

American Beech – Fagus grandifolia

American Elderberry – Sambucus canadensis ^#@

American Hophornbeam – Ostrya virginiana

American Hornbeam (aka Blue Beech, Musclewood) – Carpinus caroliniana

American Sycamore – Platanus occidentalis +

Black Willow – Salix nigra #@

Common Witch Hazel – Hamamelis virginiana #

Eastern Hemlock – Tsuga canadensis

Eastern White Pine – Pinus strobus ^

Nannyberry – Viburnum lentago

Patriot Elm (disease tolerant cultivar of American Elm) – Ulmus patriot

Pin Oak – Quercus palustris @

Red Maple – Acer rubrum @

River Birch – Betula nigra @

Serviceberry (aka Juneberry, Shadbush) – Amelanchier arborea ^

Speckled Alder – Alnus incana

Striped Maple – Acer pennsylvanicum

Sugar Maple – Acer saccarum ^

Sweet Gum – Liquidambar styraciflua

Tulip Tree – Liriodendron tulipifera

White Ash – Fraxinus Americana ®

Winterberry – Ilex verticillata *@

Yellow Birch – Betula alleghaniensis

* Threatened/Rare

^ Food source

# Medicinal

® Threatened by disease/invasive insect

+ Salt tolerant

@ Tolerates moist soils