Earth Day EVERY Day!

If you care about that which is the only source of all you need for survival, if you believe the millions of other species on this planet have the right to survive in their natural homes, if you believe our fellow species assist in making our human existence possible, then you must live Earth Day EVERY day! The two most significant things you can do to preserve YOUR HOME are:

1. Reduce your meat consumption to no more than 15% of your diet or none at all (this includes dairy). Regardless of amrobinhatchlingdwhether your meat is free-range and/or grass fed, pound for pound, animals do NOT feed as many people as plants, are a less valuable source of energy and nutrition than plants, and take far more water resources to raise than plants.

2. Curb your purchasing. If everyone in the world lived as we do in the United States we would need 5 1/2 planet Earths to supply the resources. Clearly this is an impossible model but the very strategy used by corporations and our government who are pushing our lifestyle throughout the world. What does it say about a society that has to build storage units for people to store all their “stuff” because their 2000 square foot homes are already too crowded with other “stuff”?

Every manufactured good, every bit of food, every drop of soda, coffee, food has its source in the EARTH. EVERYTHING!! We must consider the other species who share our world and the future generations of organisms who will inherit the Earth we leave behind.


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