2 thoughts on “Natural Science Days for Kids

  1. I shared your link even though I am not much on social media. It looks like a very fun event for kids. I think I would like to hear the Unloved Creatures talk. I bet I could name them but would like most of them. I can tell you one I don’t, a tick. Skunks are cute so I hope they are loved. They are good for the environment eating all kinds of insects we could do without in our gardens.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! And, yes, Skunks are one of the “unloved”, sadly. I always tell people Skunks are a gardener’s best friend keeping controls on slugs and the like. I have one who often winters under the porch. So long as it does not spray too often, he/she is welcome to stay. Yeah, there is a faint odor most of the time but they need to know there are some of us out there that love them! 🙂

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