Yellowstone is News in Buffalo, NY

Dear friend, colleague and former college instructor Joe Allen is one of our local Western New York wildlife experts on the Rocky Mountains region. He spent his college years studying in the area and has led many course-based excursions to the Yellowstone region for the University at Buffalo (the photo below was taken during one of those UB trips).

A recent article in the Buffalo News focuses on Joe’s expeditions and the changes in and around Yellowstone as a result of Gray Wolf re-introduction. This Summer, Joe’s trip (sponsored by the University at Buffalo College of Arts & Sciences) will be for the general public offering those heading west the opportunity to learn in-depth and in person about the science of apex predators, their prey relationships and the resulting effects on the larger ecosystem. A few spots still remain so anyone interested in Megafauna and Predation in Yellowstone National Park should check out the details by clicking the link above and getting registered. You will NOT be disappointed!

Wolves of Yellowstone


2 thoughts on “Yellowstone is News in Buffalo, NY

    • Sanjeet, if you are referring to the Buffalo News article, please click on the newspaper’s name in the posting. It will take you directly to ths article. You can also get to the article through the trip’s website but it will take you a bit longer to find it. Thanks!

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