Tree Swallows March North | BirdNote

TreeSwalllowsI’ve had numerous encounters with Tree Swallows in the five years spent monitoring a nest box trail. These birds are highly defensive when it comes to their nests and will “dive bomb” you without hesitation when you get within 20 feet of the box or cavity. I’ve never been injured by them but Swallows definitely upped their status with me because of their courage and fortitude.

If you’re attempting to create homes for Bluebirds, expect these natives to compete for the nest box. That said, put the boxes up in pairs about 20 feet apart so that both the Tree Swallows and the Bluebirds can be accommodated.

To learn more about Tree Swallows and their Spring migration, listen to this broadcast of BirdNote.

Tree Swallows March North | BirdNote.

2 thoughts on “Tree Swallows March North | BirdNote

  1. It is always such a delight when the hirundines return in spring. Being British, I am always particularly pleased to see barn swallows — Hirundo rustica — which we Brits just call ‘swallows’ (with no ‘barn’ prefix), and the bank swallows — Riparia riparia — which in Britain are ‘sand martins’. It’s also a good example of the value of checking scientific names when travelling, even for those of us who are not in any way scientific, as it allows accurate confirmation of species identity in places where common names differ.

    As for tree swallows, I can happily spend a lot of time watching them, especially when a pair are checking out a nesting cavity and spend time ‘chattering’ at each other.

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