Nature, Magic and Faeries

The arrival of the Winter Solstice seems to bring with it an enchantment. The return of the Sun to the northerly latitudes offers hope, warmth and awakening. So it is no wonder that this time of year seems magical as we anticipate the seemingly miraculous return of life to a subdued and quieted world. Yet just under our awareness, the Earth is alive and vibrant. When we are at our most connected to these vibrations, can it be possible to get a glimpse of a more secretive domain?

Glittering fireflies... and you thought faeries did not exist

Glittering fireflies… and you thought faeries did not exist

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky must have been a great believer in the ethereal realm. His compositions were unparalleled in visualizing the unseen, the mythical, the magical. Never mind that he is the ultimate master of the crescendo and likely unsurpassed in his ability to orchestrate, interweaving complex melodies and applying ingenious instrumentation; his sublime talent of interpretation has gifted us with some of the most beloved music ever written. Tchaikovsky makes the unreal real and opens up a part of us we often hide away lest we be seen as silly, naive or whimsical.

And so this Winter Solstice, I share with you the gift of nature, magic and faeries as only P.I.T. can provide. It does our spirit good to lift the veil and escape the world of scientific details to dance with those other worldly beings who flit among us. Below, enjoy Tchaikovsky’s remarkable and moving Opus 71, scene 14 – the Grand Pas de Deux of the Sugar Plum Faery. Happy Solstice!

5 thoughts on “Nature, Magic and Faeries

  1. Thank you for that. It was beautiful and so were the words in your post. Did you take the photo of fireflies? It is nice. I have not seen them since I lived in PA. There were thousands at night, and here I have not seen them in many years. I always thought there was magic in them.

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