Thanks for the Bounty

We’ve come to the end of the growing season here in Western New York. It is very encouraging to see the growth in awareness of the source of one’s sustenance and, even more so, the value of locally grown and processed food.  Both these values have been one of the major themes of the lessons shared in our educational endeavors as well as personally practiced for more than three decades.

Among those lessons and practices is the art of putting up the harvest. Eating locally grown food should extend beyond the growing season and preservation techniques allow us to incorporate the bounty of the Spring, Summer and Autumn throughout the Winter. Freezing, canning and drying are commonly used on The Acre, along with employing the science of herbalism for medicinal and body care applications.

The garden and wild food on The Acre do contribute to the larder but the business of life often makes it necessary to rely on regional food producers to fill in the nutrient gaps. So many thanks must be extended to those producers and “provisioners” who make eating local possible over all four seasons.  Your work is one of the most vital that can be conducted.  May you be blessed with fruitful harvests for many years to come. Here are just few of these wonderful folks who’ve contributed directly to the work here at Oakmoss Education:

Arden Farm
Boston Valley Gourmet Mushrooms

Decker’s Market Farm
East Aurora Farmers Market
Erba Verde Farms
Farmers & Artisans
Feel-Rite Fresh Markets
First Light Creamery
H.G. Miller Farm
Hen-Hawk Acres
Kirkham Apiaries: West Falls, NY – (716) 652-9219
Lexington Co-operative Market
Native Offerings Farm
North Road Farm
Singer Farm Naturals
Thorpe’s Organic Family Farm
West Falls Blueberry Patch: West Falls, NY – (585) 409-8314
Winter Market at Horsefeathers

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