Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

Phoenix, October 2012 and a year later.

Phoenix, October 2012 and a year later.

In an earlier post a few months back on trapping and animal cruelty, I highlighted the plight of a local puppy who was the victim of horrible brutality at the hands of two animal arsonists. Victimized a year ago today, this sweet pup (subsequently named Phoenix) fortunately was rescued but, of course, then subjected to numerous surgeries, treatments and therapies to address the damage to over 70% of his little body.  On this sad anniversary, we’ve been provided with the latest update on Phoenix and, ultimately, a celebration of his will to live. We also celebrate that, although there are far too many humans out there who harm and kill animals for nothing but some perverted joy or sense of accomplishment, there are still others who see our fellow creatures as partners in life on Planet Earth. Congratulations to them all. Run free and happy, little Phoenix!

Here’s the update on Buffalo’s beloved Phoenix:

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