This Madness Must End

CAUTION – disturbing photo below.

To start, it must be made clear that this post is NOT directed at those who conduct humane subsistence hunting or fishing.   We recognize that humans are omnivores biologically and physiologically and may choose to include limited amounts of meat (preferably no more than 20%) in their diets.

Beyond that, the concept that the slaughter of animals for any other reason is steeped in tradition or should be recognized as some inalienable right is totally out of sync with anything represented in the natural world.

Humans, it is far past time to rid ourselves of the concepts of “dominion over nature” and Manifest Destiny. Neither is ethical nor possible.  As a species we depend upon the Earth to provide everything needed to survive. The culling of any species outside of what is required for physical sustenance upsets the natural balance leading to the eventual demise of any number of plant, animal and/or bacterial species, INCLUDING OUR OWN.

The photo below is just one of many that are being posted by sport and trophy hunters yet DOES NOT REPRESENT the vast majority of those of us living in the United States. Sport hunting and trapping is conducted by less than 10% of this nation’s population yet these participants wield unprecedented sway over government agencies and elected officials. Time for the other 90% of us to take back the power we possess so to protect both animal and plant life upon which we depend for healthy ecosystems and our own existence.

Here are some suggestions for action:

1. Email this photo to all your elected representatives and tell them you do not support the practices displayed therein nor does it represent the citizens of this nation. Inform them that science, not political power, should dictate all policy and enforcement of wildlife and wild land management.

2. Insist that the funding of wildlife and land management come from GENERAL FUNDS and NOT from the sale of licenses to hunt, fish or trap. This funding source skews both policy and enforcement to please the small percentage of the population who pay the fees. It does NOT create more healthy ecosystems but, instead, deteriorates the natural trophic hierarchy and ecological balance, harming all life on Earth.

3. Spread the word to friends to do the same.

This madness must end.

Homo sapiens: the only species on planet Earth consciously engineering their own extinction.


For details on this photo see:

7 thoughts on “This Madness Must End

    • Nope – the U.S. Fish & Wildlife surveys show that wildlife WATCHERS bring 10-40 times the revenue of killers to state tax coffers and several times the payment of killing licenses. We generate similar retail sales and multiplier effects on the economy – all without any state agency promotion of our funding and participation. In fact state agencies repress us openly. Hunters have long told themselves and the public that their destruction of our wildlife funds “habitat restoration”. But it is, of course, a big LIE. Saving habitat FOR KILLING is no bargain. One cannot destroy the life of the land and save the land.

      Hunters and trappers and hounders use our public lands – lands purchased by the 95% of us nationally who do not kill wildlife – billions of dollars of investment by general citizens – co-opted to prioritize killing wildlife for the few who control our state agencies. Killers have taken it over for their destruction. Our money probably goes to fund factory farms.

      We need to organize first and foremost.

      We have a citizen RIGHT and citizen RESPONSIBILITY to ORGANIZE that wildlife watching contribution to state tax coffers to POWER and fair say in our own commonwealth. But that means awakening the public, disengaged by decades of newspaper outdoor page propaganda normalizing killing as “MAN-agement”. I have written extensively about all of this in 77 columns archived at the Capital Times online newspaper where I write a bi-monthly living wildlife column every Sunday. It is called “Madravenspeak”. You can find all the columns advocating for state agency reform to general public funding here:

  1. These thrill hunters are too ashamed to show their faces. Wouldn’t money spent on the war machine would be better spent on the conservation of our planet and the lifeforms on it.

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