What kills 25 million birds a year in Canada? The answer may surprise you.

Important findings on building/bird collisions. It’s not the skyscrapers that are most culpable. Look out your own windows at home for the real solution.

The Liber Ero Blog: Reports from the front lines of conservation biology

IMG_7783Every night this month, thousands of long-distance travelers pass overhead while we sleep. They are birds on fall migration, flying at night from their North American breeding sites to their winter homes in the tropics. Migration is one of the riskiest events in a bird’s life; however, we make it all the more dangerous by peppering ancient migration routes with tall towers and artificial lights. These birds have evolved to follow the stars to navigate to their winter quarters; when it is cloudy, the true stars are obscured, but the city lights below look very similar and disorient migrating birds. On cloudy nights, thousands of songbirds get ‘trapped’ by city lights, eventually either colliding with windows or falling exhausted to the streets below to be picked up by the local cats and gulls.

A Toronto-based group called the “Fatal Light Awareness Program” (FLAP), has done pioneering work to alert the…

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