Mothers of the Under-Appreciated

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, what could be more appropriate than a piece on the matriarchs of the wild.  And since this special date is steeped in love, perhaps it’s time we pay heed to the moms of species who are in need of some positive PR. Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Striped Skunk: This mom is a fierce protector of her young. After weaning, as she teaches her youngsters how to find food and survive in the wild, she continues her vigilance and will strike a defensive poster at the least sign of threat to her babes. She’ll not think twice about executing her most effective weapon when it comes to the kids!

Turkey Vulture: This scavenger mother will defend chicks in the nest in a most effective way. Vultures will hiss and regurgitate their meal on the attacker. The smell of rotting flesh will drive off most predators!

Eastern Garter Snake: Garters give birth to their young live, as opposed to laying eggs. Upon birth, Garters are fully independent so do not need their mother. However, the garter mom can hold sperm from an Autumn mating within her abdomen until Spring. Additionally, she may also mate in the Spring. The mother will choose when to allow fertilization depending on which mate shows the best characteristics for survival. These genes then will be passed on to her offspring ensuring they also have the greatest chance for survival. Talk about wanting only the best for her children!

Eastern Garter Snake

Eastern Garter Snake

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