Wildlife Trapping: Why the Distinction?

Another great organization working to ban trapping has been added to this post. Trap Free New Mexico works in the range of the Mexican Gray Wolf, the Earth’s most endangered wolf, and as such needs every possible protection.

Oakmoss Education

It seems mind-boggling that lethal trapping of wildlife, including leg hold traps and poisoning, is legal. If these methods were applied to domesticated animals, they would be illegal in nearly every state. Yet some states have made such trapping a constitutional right, including Idaho, while several others have similar amendments protecting hunting, fishing and, in some cases, trapping.

Why the distinction between wild and domesticated species? There is no difference in the experience of pain and stress between the two groups so the answer must lie in the human capacity to compartmentalize ethics. We do it even with our own species, distinguishing between groups of people based on racial and/or socioeconomic criteria, and assigning rights based upon some preconceived notion of their value.

What a sad statement on the “civilized” behavior of our species and worst still, how utterly inhumane for the wild animals with whom we share this…

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