Social Media “Upgrade”

Crescent moon

Crescent Moon at The Acre

Today will be the last day Oakmoss Education has a presence on Facebook. Additionally, I will be removing my personal profile from the social networking site. Frustration with Facebook since its IPO of last year (especially the pay to post algorithms) has been growing and, coupled with a number of other events of social significance, the time to abandon this social medium is long past due.

I’ve long been disturbed by the vicious commentary that people feel free to post around the web (which is the primary reason comments to this blog are scrutinized before posting). Although I do not consider myself to be a naive person and hold strong views on many social and political issues, it would never occur to me to post hateful, hurtful and vengeful comments anymore than I would say such words to someone in person. Anonymity holds no shield for me as the words communicated go on to live in one’s heart, always known to the person who releases them to the “four winds”.

Perhaps this backing away from Facebook began in reading commentary on posts that involved animal cruelty cases. While it is essential we punish those who inflict intentional suffering on animals (and require the offenders to spend time doing supervised community service in rescue shelters as an antidote to their behavior), many leave intense commentary that the person charged with cruelty be subject to the same treatment. I find this approach puzzling making the supposed lover of animals no better than those who inflict cruelty. For me, it all harkens back to Medieval Europe where people screamed for painful, cruel and often bloody punishment.

Then there are political issues where hurling derogatory insults about one side or the other is just another day at the office for many. It grew so tiresome during the 2 years of Presidential campaigning. There often seems no room for discussion, no data to back up one’s argument; it’s “my way or the highway” mentality. I think the gun control debate was the last straw for me. The vitriol that has ensued makes more tragic each of the nearly 30,000 gun deaths that occur every year in this country.

For hundreds of years, people close to Autotrophs have borne witness to the concept of homeopathy (like treats like). So in that vein, my spirit needs to move away from the darkness that social media like Facebook can nurture to a place where congenial and collegial discussions are the norm. WordPress and Twitter offer such opportunities in social media (and all who wish to read the words offered need not wonder if some algorithm is screening them out).

So it’s “so long, farewell, alvederzein, goodbye” to Facebook. A weight of melancholy has been lifted already. We invite you to come along with Oakmoss Education as we carry a beacon of light and a extend hand of respectfulness to all who care to partake in serious, enlightening and inspiring dialogue. We will continue to participate in the realm of social cyberspace both here and on Twitter (@oakmossed) so long as those mediums continue to enhance our mission of “sharing the lessons of Nature to benefit the Planet and all her inhabitants.

7 thoughts on “Social Media “Upgrade”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly about respectful communication. I do, however, feel that screaming for bloody punishment to be enacted is, unfortunately, not unique to the medieval time period.

    • Absolutely there are too many examples where vengeful bloodletting has been a seemingly popular sport. I just watch too many BBC/PBS period dramas. 😉

  2. I fully understand and agree. There have been too many posts and issues that have been terribly upsetting to my psyche as well. I find myself going for days where I do not scroll through my home page or having to attempt to ignore posts that are upsetting. I have WordPress Blog myself which I have not fully utilized. I am not going to be sending out my Dance On the Wild Side Newsletter for awhile and hope to substitute it with my WordPress blog – for anyone who is interested in reading what I have to say – every once in awhile.

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